Apply for an installment loan with Quick Credit Anderson for a great way to tackle unforeseen cash flow issues. Where payday loans demand a lump sum payback almost immediately, Quick Credit installment loans offer lower payments, which are spread out over time with fixed rates. From cable bills to car payments, our personal installment loans are used for a variety of reasons.

Generally, we find that installment loan customers just need some quick cash to overcome temporary financial hardships. For instance, falling behind on even one car payment can make it nearly impossible to catch up. Thankfully, cash loans with Quick Credit can help you get back on your feet in no time.

Our cash loans range from $300 to $1400, designed to meet your needs. Take advantage of the flexibility as well as reliability of Quick Credit personal loans. Your Quick Credit Anderson branch is ready to get the ball rolling with an easy installment loan. apply online or visit one of our convenient branches!

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