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Quick Credit
Quick Credit
Installment Loans from $300 to $1400 and
just checking won't affect your credit score.

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Just checking won't affect your credit score. Find out in seconds if we have an offer available for you.

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We have a better solution and it's not a payday loan! If you have had a bad experience with a payday loan company, or don’t want to give up your car title just to get the cash you need, give a try! We offer personal loans with reasonable rates and fixed terms.
Plus we have a 90% customer satisfaction rating!

When hard times hit, there are still options out there. If you are one of these people, take heart! is here to help! With a personal loan from, you will enjoy reasonable charges and fixed terms.

How it Works

How does the quick pre-screen process work?

Just hit the Get Started link to start your pre-screen process. In seconds we will let you know if we have an offer available for you in your state. Just checking won't affect your credit score. If we have an offer, you will need to fill out the rest of the application per our usual credit requirements. It's that easy! 

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You can also Find a Branch in your area and start the application process on the specific branch page..


Can I start the process on my mobile device?

Most definitely. You can apply over any mobile device. Our process is both iOS & Android compatible.

What happens after I submit my full application?

Within minutes our central underwriting team will review your application and will contact you either by phone or email. If you are pre-approved for the loan, you will be redirected to the nearest branch to complete the loan process. All loan proceeds are disbursed at the branch location.

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Covington Credit

Southern Finance Credit

Quick Credit

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Covington Credit

A household name since the first branch opened in Georgia in 1981. With close to 200 branches across all six states in which we operate.

Quick Credit

Servicing your financial needs in more than 35 branches across the states of Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Southern Finance

Providing installment loans to customers in the states of Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas for more than two decades.
  • Covington Credit

    Locations in AL, GA, OK, SC, TN & TX

  • Quick Credit

    Locations in AL, SC & TN

  • Southern Finance

    Locations in GA, OK, SC, & TX

90% Satisfaction Rating

All Covington Credit, Quick Credit and Southern Finance branches are proud to serve our local communities. Offering a quick, easy and secure process online or at one of our nearest branches. When you need cash in a hurry, we are here to help

Many people have hit hard times in the past and wound up with a weak credit history. When hard times hit again, some of these people don't realize that there are still options out there. If you are one of these people, take heart! is here to help!.

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About Southern Management Corporation


Southern Management Corporation (SMC) is a leading small loan consumer finance company and is among the largest companies offering such services in the U.S. Founded in 1981.

  • Short-term installment loans
  • Licensed in six states
  • More than 270 branches
  • 90% customer satisfaction rating
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited

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