Trust the Better Business Bureau rating when looking for an installment loan provider

by Stefan Holt | Mar 06, 2017
If you’ve fallen into a situation where you need fast cash and you’ve never been properly serviced by a bank, you might be looking at installment loan options or even a payday lender. And that probably makes you a little nervous

— after all, plenty of predatory lenders are out there.

So how do you find a lender you can trust? One who will offer you a solution instead of simply adding to your problems?

You could research individual lenders on your own, but doing the research yourself can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you’re not getting the right data. Instead, trust a respected government body like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to do the research for you and use their rating system to judge a lender's  capability.

According to its website, the BBB “serves as a trusted, objective source of business ratings and reviews for consumers and best practice standards and self­regulation programs for businesses. This provides BBB with unique data and insights into the behavior and performance of businesses throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

With the BBB API, the unbiased and validated BBB Business Rating and accreditation data on nearly 5 million businesses in the United States and Canada can be seamlessly integrated into any website, mobile application, or platform consumers use to research, evaluate and select product and service  providers.”

Southern Management Corporation, the parent company of, Covington Credit, Quick Credit and Southern Finance is one of those 5 million companies that has been reviewed by the BBB and earned an A+ BBB rating.

This rating comes from the BBB’s review of:

Our business’s complaint history with the BBB. 
The nature of our business.
Our time spent in business.
The transparency of our business practices.
Our ability to honor our commitments to the BBB. 
Any legal actions that have been filed against us. 
Any advertising issues.

You can see the full rating here.

We’re proud of our A+ rating, just as we’re proud of our 90 percent customer satisfaction rating. Visit today to learn more about how we can help you.

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