Financing auto repairs because of pothole damage

by Stefan Holt | Jan 18, 2017

You hit the bump, your car shudders, your neck snaps and the beverage in your center console spills everywhere. At first you think you got rear-ended or maybe you blew a tire but nothing so dramatic happened. You just ran over a run-of-the-mill pothole and depending on how fast you were going and the depth of the hole, your run-of-the-mill day may have just gotten a lot more costly.

An incident you can't ignore

You don’t set out to hit a pothole, but on many stretches of road they're sometimes almost impossible to avoid. And because they are so common, it’s easy to forget how much damage one little pothole can actually do to your vehicle.

Just one pothole accident can cause misalignment in your steering system, a puncture in one of your tires or a bend in your rims. Any of these damages can easily cost you more than $100 and if you don’t repair your vehicle immediately after hitting the pothole, the damage might only get worse.

Getting help after your accident

In many cases, only a certified auto mechanic can accurately tell you how much damage your vehicle has sustained by hitting a pothole as well as what you'll have to pay to repair the damage. If the repair bill is more than you can afford, you may have to take out a small installment loan.

The advantage of taking out a small installment loan to cover this much needed repair is the affordable monthly payment. The length of the loan may vary but usually terms do not go longer than 12 months depending upon the size of the loan. Installment loans come with fixed terms and conditions to help you get the money you need without any unexpected surprises.


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