Owe taxes? You need cash now

by Stefan Holt | Jan 12, 2017

Every season has its proponents. The harshest winters are adored by skiers, and the warmest summers are the perfect time to get in the water. Yes, for every season out there, there’s someone who loves it.

Except for tax season.

Tax season will start January 23 this year, and with all of its paperwork, regulations, and headaches, chances are you filed your paperwork much closer to the April 18 deadline than the start date three months before.

Even in a good year, tax season can be headache-inducing. But what if your situation is especially bad this year? What if instead of simply stressing over the mind-numbing details and audit-inducing final steps, you have to pay in and owe the government hundreds of dollars?

Suddenly a season you already didn’t look forward to has become disastrous, and if you don’t have the extra money available to meet this unexpected requirement, you may think you’re in real trouble. The good news is, you don’t have to be. Financial solutions, such as short-term installment loans, can help you find the money you need when you owe taxes and need cash now.

Solving your tax obligation with fast cash solutions

When you are facing the unexpected requirement to pay in during tax season. It’s a nerve-wracking time, but a short-term installment loan can help you meet these demands without placing long-term stress on your finances. 

We can’t promise we’ll make tax season your favorite time of the year, but we can help you move on as quickly and securely as possible.


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