Find a solution when you simply have to travel

by Stefan Holt | Jan 11, 2017
When we think about life’s unexpected expenses, we often assume the negative. We think of emergency medical bills, repairs to our vehicle, a broken appliance, or another costly home improvement. We never think about the positive. Some might argue this is because we look forward to spending our hard-earned money in a positive way, and because of this, we are rarely surprised by a positive expense. There’s some truth to that. But there are also times in life when we get to experience an unexpected positive surprise. And nothing exemplifies that surprise quite like a wedding.


If the bride- or groom-to-be is an immediate member of your family, chances are you knew about the wedding ahead of time. But suppose you are one step removed; maybe it’s a niece or a nephew getting married instead of a son or daughter. In this situation, you may not even have known your family member was dating anyone, let alone ready to be getting married. If this is the case, the wedding really is a surprise. A pleasant one, sure, but it can be an expensive one as well.


Because when you start thinking about the wedding, it's time to think about all the expenses that come along with it.


First and most expensive could be travel. If you live near your loved one, this expense can be mitigated. But if the happy couple chooses a destination wedding or lives a couple of states away, traveling to this event is going to cost you. Once you've figured out your travel expenses, you have to consider lodging (if it’s a long trip), a gift for the couple, what you’ll wear yourself and what expenses anyone accompanying you may incur.


And all of those factors can get costly really quick, meaning even on this positive occasion you still might be feeling the pressure of your financial restrictions.


Fortunately you don’t have to miss your loved one’s big day just because you’re a little short on cash. There are loan options available because when your loved one is ready to say "I do," you don’t want to have to say "I can’t."

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