Mouse eating

There's a mouse in your house! How much is an exterminator?

Mice are around all year long, but in the warmer months they’re content to stay in the open woods and fields that surround our homes. In the colder months, however, when food gets scarce, they turn their sights toward our homes and become a real nuisance.


The old adage "if you see one, there are often more" is certainly true when speaking of mice, and often, you may not even see that one. Maybe you simply discover some droppings in your basement or garage. Or perhaps the birdseed or dog food bag has some holes in it, made by little tiny teeth. Whatever the sign, you have a rodent problem, and now you have to determine if this is something you can handle yourself, or if you need to turn to the experts.


Trying to handle the problem yourself


If you’re committed to solving the problem of a mouse in your house yourself, start by identifying and eliminating possible food sources. This includes any sources that appear to have bite marks, those surrounded by droppings, and food sources in low, accessible areas. These should be moved to higher ground and, if possible, placed in sealed containers to block access. In the case of birdseed or dog food, even a trash can works nicely.


Once you’ve eliminated potential food sources, you can focus on freeing your home of infestation. Mouse traps are available in a wide array of varieties, from conventional snap traps to glue traps and live traps. The trap option you choose is up to you, but make sure you are mindful of small children and pets as you select your traps and their placement.
You should find mice in your traps within days of placement, but if the traps fail to eliminate your mouse problem, you may need professional help.


Hiring an exterminator


Hiring an exterminator makes for a more comprehensive, but expensive, solution. How much is an exterminator? The answer depends largely on where you live and the size of your problem, but the bill is likely to be more than the cash you have on hand.

If you don’t have the money to pay for an exterminator’s services now, your best bet is to research fast cash solutions immediately. A single female mouse can give birth to 60 or more offspring per year, meaning the longer you wait, the more your infestation problem could grow.

Finding an affordable loan option is possible and can help you find the best solution for finding the mouse in your house.