Mark Kelly Have Hope Foundation – Charity Spotlight

Mark Kelly Have Hope Foundation – Charity Spotlight is proud to be supporting the Mark Kelly Have Hope Foundation in our Lending a Hand Campaign this holiday season. This incredible Foundation provides financial assistance and emotional support to families with children fighting cancer. The foundation also spreads awareness about many different pediatric cancers. 100% of the Foundation’s recipients are families within the state of Tennessee, although the Foundation hopes to eventually be able to assist families nationwide.

MKHHF was founded by volunteers and continues to be managed by people who do not financially gain from their efforts. These caring professionals feel compelled to help the many children in Tennessee affected by pediatric cancer. The foundation is named after Bedford County’s own inspirational cancer patient, Mark Kelly. After being diagnosed at age 10 with very high-risk leukemia, Mark endured 1,303 days of treatment. His reminder to “have hope” continues to drive the Foundation’s efforts on a daily basis.

To date, Mark Kelly Have Hope Foundation has been fortunate enough to assist in many areas of financial compensation, including pharmaceutical expenses, transportation costs and Christmas gifts for children battling cancer. Outreach and awareness are things the Foundation takes very seriously. The team works each and every day to make a positive impact in the community through events, parades, media and local races. Mark Kell Have Hope Foundation continues to pursue their noble cause by making a difference, one child at a time.

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